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Report of EKTG Special Event at the Mansion House, London, 30 November 2023


EKTG held a successful Special Event on 30 November 2023, entitled Developing Digital Services for an Ageing Population, 

in the ballroom of the Mansion House, London, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London.


The Event was lead by Professor Steve Smithson, EKTG Board Member who welcomed all the Guests and introduced the Speakers.

Professor Michael Mainelli, the Lord Mayor, welcomed the Guests and outlined his objectives for his period of office. After this brief presentation, he stayed chatting to the Guests over refreshments,

 before leaving for his next engagement.


Formal presentations were made by the following EKTG International Ambassadors:


Professor Miki Hasegawa, EKTG International Ambassador, Japan

Director, Tokyo Sinjuku Hiro Clinic and Setagaya Park Clinic, Tokyo, Japan

The Technology Used at Tokyo

Professor Hasegawa described how digital systems were employed by his clinics, which deal with patients with brain injuries, typically following strokes. 

He emphasised the effectiveness of the technology in planning and coordinating the treatment of patients. He also discussed the foundation of the 

Japanese Society for Brain Injury Caring Communities and the role of the technology within the society.


Alison Lentz, EKTG International Ambassador UK

Head Teacher, Ronald Openshaw Nursery Education Centre, Newham

Expanding the use of e-technology for improved healthcare and a better quality of life: an early years perspective

Alison Lentz argued that much could be learned for supporting digital services for adults from the good practice already developed in nursery education. 

She gave examples from her own experience in Newham before outlining the largely non-technical barriers for full digital inclusion.


Professor Rafael De Andres Medina, EKTG International Ambassador, Spain

Chair of the Assembly of Member Countries, ECRIN-ERIC, EU and earlier Manager of Spanish Government Technology Services.

Digital Services in Health and Wellbeing Care: Some Policy Issues

Unfortunately, Professor De Andres Medina was severely delayed in Paris by Train problems and was unable to get to the Mansion House in time to make this presentation. 

In  his absence, Steve Smithson delivered the presentation using Professor De Andres Medina’s slides. He argued that individuals and society stakeholders can shape the 

digitalization process but they are powerless to stop it. Denial or insufficient action means that digitalization is likely to be chaotic, with winners and left-behind losers. 

Government officials and policy makers have a legal obligation to serve the public interest and, as such, they are accountable. He further emphasised the technical and 

non-technical barriers to successful implementation of digital technology.


Questions and discussion followed each presentation and the session was chaired by Steve Smithson.


EKTG is most grateful for a Donation of £700 by Rosalind Doeh to add to the EKTG Registered Charity Fund.

The Special Event was planned and managed by Maggie Ellis, Stephanie Correia, Colin Ellis and Steve Smithson and a group of Supporters including Helen Wilks, Aaffan Khan and others

EKTG were delighted that we were able to hold this Special Event and that so many important Guests were able to attend and support us.



Steve Smithson

EKTG Board Member


Special Event November 30th, 2023 at City of London Mansion House - Guests

EKTG at Mansion House

Please 'PRESS BUTTON' to see the presentation delivered at the  EKTG Special Event at the Mansion House, London, 30 November 2023

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