EKTG has become increasingly concerned about the lack of real knowledge and understanding of Digital Services. Our plan is to offer opportunity for a wide range of people to gain such knowledge and to work with us to demonstrate benefits. A group in Newham Health Community have demonstrated the practicalities, saved money and now offer even better services to local people.


The CityWellnessLink was brought together, this includes Corporates, Organisations and Individuals in the City of London, Tower Hamlets and Newham. Recently the UK Government identified a list of topics to tackle market failures and stimulate innovation in pursuit of longer, healthier lives for all.  Encouraging health and wellbeing in the older workforce. Although there are examples of small projects in some parts of the UK, there has not been any specific project in London. 


City Wellness Link submitted a proposal to INNOVATE UK and has been successful in receiving funding for a feasibility study.


Our Two Special Advisers, Baroness Greengross who has been very supportive to us in the House of Lords and Nicky Gavron, Member of the London Assembly, who is our link to The Mayor.

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