Brainstorming Session

We are continuing our Webinars Season in 2022 and will also be running course - please book early and join us for:

EKTG will run Three EKTG Webinars listed below in September:


  • September 14 at 13.00-14.15 Carers and Technology,

  • September 21 at 13.00-14.15 Climate Change and Technology,

  • September 28 at 13.00-14.15 How do we achieve Equality in Technology?

The speakers will be announced near the webinar dates


Get further details from;


EKTG is planning a Series of Special Technology Courses starting in late October.


Three Courses one each for:

1. Government, Budget Holders, and Authorities

2. Industry

3. Professional Bodies and Academics


We plan the date for each Course with a final session for each Course asking Formal Questions to each set of Participants.


These courses will start 

·October 26th 13.00-14.15

·November 2nd 13.00-14.15

·November 9th 13.00-14.15


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