There are a number of people who contribute to the European Knowledge Tree Group for eHealth.

The Leadership Group meets regularly to organise our events and newsletters:

Chairman - Colin Ettinger

Secretary - Maggie Ellis

Treasurer - Maggie Ellis

Member - Stephen Bennett

Member - Alan Marsland

Member - Alvan Seth-Smith

Member - Steve Smithson

Member - Ron Summers

Member - Antony Ward

International Ambassadors

Christiane Brockes, Co-founder Alcare, Zurich, Switzerland

Brigitte Bührlen, Germany

Vadim Kramar,  Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Sabine Lobnig, Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI); based in Vienna, Austria

John McGrory, DIT, now Technological University Dublin, Dublin, Eire.

Elizabeth Mestheneos, Hellenic Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Greece

Sofía Moreno-Pérez runs a management European Consultancy based in Madrid called Valde Consulting

Henk Herman Napp is a Senior Researcher at Vilans, Netherlands

Spiros Peristeris - Prescriptive Solutions Entity Services Ltd

Ai-Lian Lim, DPS, OTR/L - Director of Occupational Therapy, Bellevue Hospital, New York

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