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EKTG’s Tribute to Baroness Greengross

We are deeply saddened by the passing of the Baroness Greengross who has been an immensely supportive advocate and friend of EKTG and will be greatly missed by us all. Sally was Director General of Age Concern from 1987, a position she held until 2000. She was joint Chair of the Age Concern Institute of Gerontology at King's College London, and Secretary General of Eurolink Age. She founded the International Longevity Centre in 1997 and was its Chief Executive until shortly before her death. She was Co-President of the ILC Global Alliance from 2010 to 2017 and then became their Global Ambassador. She joined the House of Lords as a crossbench peer in 2000, chairing five All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) including the Dementia APPG and the APPG for Ageing and Older People and speaking in the House to advocate for older people’s right to equality of opportunity and access to care. She campaigned for better understanding between the generations and for policies and planning that recognised the reality of an ageing population.


Over many years EKTG has been most fortunate to have the support of Baroness Greengross

at several important events. We are aware that the active participation by Sally Greengross encouraged many of our International Speakers to also join us.


In this collaboration our links with Sally Sally Greengross included working with her Special Adviser, Pater Barnett. For many years Peter worked closely with her but he also gave us advise as well.

We would like to thank him for that. These have included two at RBS, which later changed their Headquarters name to NATWEST


18 January 2016  eHealth Symposium at RBS, 250 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AA

 “Building the European digital health environment Turning best practice into mainstreamed implementation!”

On that occasion International Speakers included:

  • Ain Aaviksoo, Deputy Secretary General for E-services and Innovation, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia Open access to health records in Estonia

  • Peter Zilgalvis, Head Unit eHealth and Well Being, DG Connect - Ethics and eHealth in Europe

  • Rafael De Andrés Medina - President AAL Association - Smart Ageing

  • Monica Ryden and Teresa Skehan- Senior Advisers, The Swedish Agency for Participation Cost-benefit of Assistive Technology for Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities

  • Sabine Lobnig - Deputy Director for Communications and Regulations at the Mobile Manufacturers Forum Update on the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative

  • Sofia Moreno-Perez, Independent Consultant, Madrid, and EKTG Ambassador eHealth as seen by an EU Expert

  • Peter Wintlev-Jensen, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Connect. Breaking the barriers in the EU

  • Caterina Sampol - Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS), Barcelona Breaking down barriers to mainstream in Catalonia

  • Spiros Peristeris - Prescriptive Solutions Entity Services Ltd Some eHealth services we can offer


A Special Session, Market challenges and barriers to mainstreaming, including finance

was Chaired by Baroness Greengross




25th October 2016 Later that year we had an event for European Knowledge Tree Group (EKTG)  at the House of Lords, Westminster

Making the Grade - eHealth, Better Education and Understanding: what every citizen deserves

Our International Speakers on that occasion included:

  • Clayton Hamilton, Unit Leader, eHealth & Innovation, WHO Regional Office for Europe, “Using eHealth for a better Europe”

  • Peter Wintlev-Jensen, DG CONNECT in Brussels. “Understanding responsibilities for health, cost effectiveness and healthier citizens”

  • Ain Aaviksoo, Deputy Secretary General for E-services and Innovation, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia,

  • "Free movement of citizens' health data - the right people deserve”

  • Spiro Peristeris, Prescriptive Solutions Entity Services Ltd. Greece

  • Christine Brockes-Bracht, Medical College, Zurich University, Switzerland



Wednesday, 22 November 2017 at Committee Room G House of Lords, kindly hosted by Baroness Greengross


Developing Digital Transformation of Health and Care for an Ageing Society - The Education Perspective

During this event our International Speakers included:

  • EKTG International Ambassadors Christiane Brockes, Switzerland

  • Henk Herman Napp, Netherlands

  • Sabine Lobnig, Austria

  • Sofia Moreno Perez, Spain

  • Peristos Spiros, Greece



20th January 2020 eHealth Symposium Hosted by the Baroness Greengross at the House of Lords

The Value of the Silver Economy using the Gold of the Future

International Speakers at that event included:

  • Henk-Herman Napp, Senior Researcher, Vilans Company and Technische Universiteit, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • Rait Kusse, Social Policy, Estonia

  • John McGrory, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Dublin

  • Christiana Brockes-Bracht, Zurich University, CEO alcare Wil

  • Brigitte Buehrlen, Germany and EKTG International Ambassador

  • Klaus Niederländer, Director, Central Management Unit. AAL Forum




There were many other occasions over the years when EKTG benefitted from Advice, Contacts, and Facilities through our working with Sally Greengross. It is hard to summarise these and the list of our collaborative activity only hints at the whole.


EKTG can only be grateful and pass our gratitude and thanks to her family. Sally was severely saddened by the earlier death of her excellent Husband, Alan.

We can only send our best wishes to her family and remind you all who joined our earlier events we have listed how fortunate we have all been to be a part of these.


Peter Barnett, earlier EKTG Board Member, now Advisor, pays the following tribute: It was with shock and great sadness that I heard the news about Sally’s passing. Those of us who knew her professionally have lost a colleague and friend and I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity of working alongside her for nearly 20 years. Her unceasing commitment to human rights and fairness shone through everything she did and, while she was very at ease with the great and good, I can also recall the countless times she spoke up for the small man on matters that no one else would have given a second glance to, but she went the extra mile with no thought of reward, but rather just to help a fellow human being. For the family, it must be especially hard, but at least she is back alongside her beloved Alan and the legacy she has left behind will live on and hopefully help deliver a better world.


Maggie Ellis, a Board Member of EKTG, pays the following tribute: Sally had been most valuable in the working of the Special Advisory Committee for the EKTG Small Smart Scheme funded by INNOVATE UK. Apart from this Sally has supported a whole string of events which we organised at the House of Lords, Nat West, the Royal Bank of Scotland and at LSE. She will be greatly missed by the many people who were fortunate to share some of that action.

Ron Summers, a former Board Member of EKTG, pays the following tribute: Sally Greengross was a well loved and respected champion for all interests that align with EKTG activities. As a busy member of the House of Lords and a past Chair of Age Concern she was very influential in changing the way that society responds to the ageing population and the hidden tensions that are associated with the demographic change that follows. She was extremely approachable and had an innate ability to facilitate networking. These traits made her popular with the EKTG membership and provided access to people and facilities that allowed us to ‘punch above our weight’. She will be sadly missed though fondly remembered; I know that she thought the work of EKTG was far-reaching, so it is now up to the EKTG leadership to continue their important work with renewed vigour and purpose so that future achievements can be dedicated to Sally’s memory.


Brigitte Bührlen Summers, an International Ambassador of EKTG, pays the following tribute: this is sad news. I have fond memories of Baroness Greengross and the invitation at the House of Lords in 2020. She impressed me with her kindness and competence.


Barrie Davison, National Sector Head: Healthcare / Education / Charities and Local Authorities | Commercial & Private Banking | NatWest, pays the following tribute: this is extremely sad news indeed – our thoughts are with her and her family.


Rafael De Andrés, an International Ambassador of EKTG, pays the following tribute: This is sad news and  I cannot add anything to the thoughts already shared With sadness,

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