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EKTG 2024 courses available now

Find out more about our course schedule please press the 'READ MORE' button and to book contact Maggie Ellis at

The EKTG and its International Ambassadors work towards the better education of healthcare users and the successful implementation of e-Technologies.




Download a copy of our  History

On 19 February 2020 we became registered as a Charity, number 1188061


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The first meeting of European Knowledge Tree Group (EKTG) took place in Denmark in September 2010, followed up by a Symposium at the London School of Economics (LSE) later that year. 

The European Knowledge Tree Group mission is for the advancement of health and saving of lives through the advancement of the use of eTechnology worldwide. EKTG does this by making educational and training opportunities available for the development of individual capabilities, competences, skills and understanding of the use of information technology in the field of eTechnology.

These opportunities will be made available to professional practitioners in health, social care and wider sectors. EKTG defines eTechnology literacy as “the ability to seek, find, understand and appraise from digital sources and apply the knowledge gained’.

The EKTG also seeks to cooperate with like-minded organisations in order to source funding to achieve its aims.  



If you would like to participate in the EKTG’s activities, you can become a supporter and/or a contributor by:


  • supporting the collection of data and information on eTechnology and eHealth pilot projects

  • contributing to submissions related to eTechnology and eHealth on national and European level

  • promoting innovation and practical solutions in eTechnology and eHealth

  • helping to interlink universities, research institutes, companies, patient and senior citizen organisations to discuss and test eTechnology and eHealth solutions

  • attending EKTG events

  • sponsoring/raising funds for enable EKTG activities

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